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How This APP Is Improving Mental Health Through Sports in Australia

Sports and activities have always been an integral part of life. Sports and activities we engage in with our friends and family, promote increased well-being, improved mental health, and assist with emotional challenges we all face with the personal and professional demands of everyday life.


The foundational support at each stage of my life has been my ability to connect and engage in sports through an active lifestyle, helping me to maintain my inner and outer well-being  – Louise Slater –


Living in the ever-expanding hyper-connected digital world most people today are feeling even more disconnected. For the young, middle-aged and retired, the digital world can take a toll on all of us. Despite the benefits of hyper-connectivity, as renowned English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, Sir Isaac Newton outlined in his third law, (Newton’s Third Law), every action, has an equal and opposite reaction. This is not only true in physics but also in everyday life.


6 months ago, we met with Louise Slater who had the vision to create an app that would not only assist with mental health throughout Australia but bridge the gap and inefficiencies of the digital world with the creation of a “Social” App that connects people face to face, while facilitating engagement, activity and ultimately the wellness benefits from playing sports.


When we asked Louise what the inspiration behind YOPP (Your Practice Partner) was, she said.


Louise Slater, The Founder of YOPP (Your Practice Partner) A social app that helps you find local sporting practic partners.
“YOPP came about because of personal frustrations of lacking a practice partner in some of my sporting endeavors.”

My immediate networks were not able to fulfill this and whilst the sporting communities I’m a part of are and remain very active, my diary often did not coordinate with set training times.”

It got me wondering who else was battling like me – to learn, grow and/or maintain a sport or activity they love.”

It was clear to us as a software development company, Louise has a very special idea and that this was not just another social app. It was an app that would help those people who are yearning for contact after many months in isolation. It’s the opportunity to help the economy recover from the increase in mental health while also contributing to society and communities across Australia and the Globe to get back to the fundamentals of in-person contact and communication.  


At Sherlock Technology Corporation we believe that technology should support and enhance connectivity, not replace it. We were stoked to jump on board and help Louise bring her app, “YOPP” (Your Practice Partner) to life. We believe in not only the app but also Louise, as an individual who sees a brighter future encapsulated in positive activity and sports-based interaction.  


The app we have built alongside Louise and her team is a means to facilitate and positively promote healthy lifestyles through sports by making it easy to find other locals with the same passion for exploration and sports. In addition to being able to find practice partners locally, the app is a great medium for people to make new friends and explore a new sport. Louise Said:


“YOPP is an app that does not care where you are from, how old you are, your religion, gender or relationship status. Simply find your local activity practise partner and tap into your joy”


With over 50+ Sports/Activities across 16 categories, you’ll be able to find one of your passions along with other people you can connect, chat and practice with easily.


Your Practice Parter User Interface - Easy to use and user friendly social app that helps you find local people to practice your sporting activities with


If you’re looking for someone to do an activity with, then YOPP is the app for you! Never let the lack of a practice partner stop you from doing what you love! Take charge of your joy, meet new friends, connect & make your day great.


Find Your Practice Partner Today at or download the app directly:


Download IOS from the Apple App Store: 


Download Android from Google Play: 


If you’d like to contact YOPP directly and ask the team any questions you can reach them at, or reach out on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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