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An app that does not care where you are from, how old you are, your religion, gender or relationship status. Simply find your local activity practise partner and tap into your joy.

Easily Chat, Meet & Practice

Discover, chat, meet and practice what you love. It’s That easy

On-Demand Immediate Search

Don't wait for a match, just discover and see compatible practice partners ready to chat, meet and join you in playing your sport.

Find Local People To Practice With

Wherever, Whenever you need find local people in your area to practice or join you in your activity with a growing community find them easily.

Filter Compatible Experience Levels

Find someone with the same experience as you, or learn from someone more experienced. Easily discover and change your required experience.

Awesome Features

If you’re looking for someone to do an activity with, then YOPP is the app for you! Never let the lack of a practise partner stop you from doing what you love! Take charge of your joy, meet new friends, connect & make your day great

Online/Offline Status

We've made it easy for you to connect with the community faster by showing you who's on and offline. No need to wait to reach out

Location Based Connections

Our powerful geo-location network allows you to see relevant local people to practice with fast

Multiple Sport Categories

With over 16 sport categories and a huge number of sub categories, we know you'll find your passion on the inside and can get started right away

Powerful Chat Feature

Send a message and reach out to compatible practice partners to start a conversation and organise time, place & any other details securely

Easy Registration

We've made the app really easy and straight forward to get started, just follow the prompts and we'll hold your hand as you join our community

Search By Distance

Find people in your local area or increase the search distance, plan ahead for travel by seeing the number of people in an area you plan to visit

How It Works

Develop your skills, learn and up-skill alongside other passionate people with a mutual love of your sport. Build new friendships, networks and become part of the growing communities.

How Can I Install The App?

The “YOPP” app is 100% Free and is availalbe to install on both Google Play and Apple App Store for IOS and Android

On This Page

Click any of the “Download Now” buttons on this page and you’ll be redirected to the relevant app store to download and start using the app right away – Its Free

In The App Stores

Open your app store on your mobile device and in the search field type, “YOPP” the app will appear and you can hit the Install button to get started right away

How Can I Install The App?

How Do I Login To YOPP?

After downloading and installing the app from the app stores, the YOPP app will be on your phone. Navigate to the app and open it


You’ll have two options, first you need to register to become a part of the community. click register and follow the prompts in a few short steps

Sign In

This option is for if you have already registerd, if you have registered previously click on, “Sign In” and enter the details you registered with, you will then be directed to the discover page to start using the application right away

How Do I Login To YOPP?

How Can I Start A Conversation?

Chat and connections are used to speak with people you want to connect with and organise to practice your sport together. Follow the steps below to start a converstation


Clicking on connections will display all the poeople you have started conversations with and have ongoing chats with, you can enter the chat by clicking on them.


Clicking on the, “Chat” icon or the, “Start Chatting” button button will open a private chat window with that person. This is where you can organise meet ups and get to know each other to see if you are a good fit. Remember to keep safe and only give out your details once you feel comfortable

How Can I Start A Conversation?

How to find a practice partner?

Finding people to practice with is easy, follow the steps below and start connecting with people to learn a new sport or upskill


From any page in the app you can find the primary navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Click on, “Discover” and you’ll be directed to the discover page

Category Selection

From the Discover page you can click on the down arrow next to the category selected and a draw will slide out from the side of the screen where you can change your category and sub category to show people who play other sports.

How to find a practice partner?

Screenshots of App

Scroll through our screenshots and get a feel for the app before joining the community. Welcome to YOPP, Your Practice Partner.We look forward to seeing you on the inside

Ready to change how you practice?

Our users love how easy it is to find and connect with people who also love to play their sport and want to meet up to practice

The Founder

Sports and activities have always been an integral part of my life. I love being active and over the years grown a broad base of sport/activity experience. Keeping healthy while negotiating the challenges and stresses of work, family and personal demands is not easy, especially as I have aged. Having a healthy lifestyle has been my saving grace in navigating through various mental, physical and emotional challenges. 

Louise believes:
“The foundational support at each stage of my life has been my ability to connect and engage in sports through an active lifestyle, helping me to maintain my inner and outer well-being”

Louise Slater

Founder & CEO of YOPP Pty Ltd

YOPP came about because of personal frustrations of lacking a practise partner in some of my sporting endeavours. My immediate networks were not able to fulfil this and whilst the sporting communities I’m a part of are and remain very active, my diary often did not co-ordinate with set training times. It got me wondering who else was battling like me – to learn, grow and/or maintain a sport or activity they love.

Living in a hyper-connected digital world most people today are feeling even more disconnected. For the  young, middle aged, retired, I wanted to bridge this gap leveraging the efficiencies of the digital world with a “Social” app that not only connects people face to face, but facilates engagement,  activity and ultimately the wellness I always got back from my sports.


We thank the following organisations for supporting YOPP and continue to welcome our growing partner network.


Some FAQs are displayed below. Further guidance is provided within the app under the settings tab.

Go to your profile page, press and hold your finger on the sport you want to delete, making sure it is not ticked, select the delete option.

No. YOPP has no intention now or in the future to disclose or sell the user database to a third party unless mandated by law.

Yes, from your profile page select the settings button in the top left, go to “My data” and select the “Pause My Account” button. Your info will not appear in any new “discover” functions until such time that you reactivate it. Existing chats however will remain open and you will continue to receive notifications if these users message you.

Skill levels are not a filter option currently. The skill levels displayed is for information purposes to help you select a suitable practise partner.

No, the app will never disclose your personal information to a user. Users will only be able to see your profile pic, name, age, distance away, sport and skill level. Once you are matched and chatting to a user, it will be up to the individual users to decide what and when personal information is disclose to each other.

The app provides matches based on distance, sport and gender. The sport and gender filters you select when you chose the activity you want to find a practise partner in. The distance filter is selected from within your profile page under the “Search” header. 

Sports have been grouped by broad categories with sub categories under them, keep going into each menu option until you reach the individual sport. If you are still unable to find your sport, use the “Request a Sport” button found under Settings and let us know as we would love to hear how we can grow this app for our users.

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